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Editor in Chief Ross Primm

Dr. Ross Primm, Editor in Chief

Dr. Ross  Primm  has joined our professional publishing team as our Editor in Chief.  Dr. Primms educational accomplishments includes a J.D. from Creighton University Law School, a PhD in English from the University of Notre   Dame,  an  MA  in English

from Western Washington University, a BA in English from Western Washington  State  College,  graduating Magna Cum Laude and an AA from Skagit Valley College in Liberal Arts.



Taught writing courses at the developmental, basic and advanced levels, British literature survey courses, Chaucer,  Shakespeare, mythology, world literature, science fiction, introductory course in grammar/linguistics and an African American literature course: The Harlem Renaissance.

  • Associate Professor, Humanities Department - Columbia College
  • Associate Professor, Humanities Department - Mount Senario College
  • Assistant Professor, Humanities Department - Dakota State College

Professional Experience

  • Nebraska Indian Community College  -  College President
  • Columbia College - Chair, Humanities Division
  • Dakota State College - Instructor


Dissertation, The Dream Poem in Sixteenth-Century British Literature, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1984

Explores dream theory in relation to the development of dream poetry in sixteenth-century British literature with a focus on John Skelton.

Honors and Awards

Meritorious Achievement - 1995

      Development of extension course: Topics in English: Twilight of the     Sioux
Teacher of the Year - 1989


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